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A Mission for Meaning

For anyone who feels like they’ll never live the life they dream of living, let social media sensation and entrepreneur Gabriel Conte be an inspiration to you: The life you want can be yours. And you can begin to earn it, achieve it, and live it right now.

God Bless This Mess

My life was a complete mess, and God bless all of it. Because it’s in the messes where we learn the most—as long as we slow down enough to realize what God is trying to show us.

How to Stitch an American Dream

She never imagined that her hobby would turn into a business. But with the help of her grown children, she opened a quilting shop in tiny Hamilton, Missouri.

Dance Your Dance

Have you ever felt stuck, like you’re just running in place, fearful of taking the next step?

Live In Love

Live in Love offers inspiring guidance for anyone looking to keep romance alive, balance children and marriage, express true faith, and live a life of purpose.

The Power Of Wow

Happy customers. Passionate employees. A highly recognizable brand known for delivering on its promises. That’s The Power of WOW.

What Set Me Free

A young man who was wrongfully convicted as a teenager and imprisoned for more than five years, only to emerge with his spirit unbroken and determined to achieve his dream of playing in the NFL.

The Pact

A UFC champion and a boy with leukemia, in the fight of their lives. 

Still In The Game

Be proud of your scars. They’re signs that you survived whatever tried to break you.

Unlocking Greatness

A guide to successfully getting the life you want by changing your perspective and discovering your ideal self.

Capital Gaines

Capital Gaines is the perfect book for anyone looking to succeed not only in business but more importantly in life.

Walking With Peety

Walking with Peety is for anyone who is ready to make a change in his or her life, and for everyone who knows the joy, love, and hope that dogs can bring. This is more than a tale of mutual rescue. This is an epic story of friendship and strength.

Work Hard, Pray Hard

Work Hard, Pray Hard explains by sharing Lynch’s lessons from the course of a lifetime in one, easy to read book—a book that he hopes will change your life for the better, the way faith itself changed him.


The product of a lifetime’s worth of championship-level preparation, Attitude is perfect for anyone looking to build a team, achieve a goal, or nurture their own winning culture.

The Magnolia Story

The Magnolia Story is the first book from Chip and Joanna, offering their fans a detailed look at their life together, from the very first renovation project they ever tackled together to the project that nearly cost them everything…

My (Underground) American Dream

Arce shows us the true cost of achieving the American dream-from the perspective of a woman who had to scale unseen and unimaginable walls to realize her dreams.

Elle & Coach

Elle & Coach is the true story of a Type-A mom struggling to care for a daughter who has Type 1 diabetes and of the incredible service dog who changes their lives for the better.

Adapt or Die: 10th Anniversary Special Edition

Rick speaks from experience to explore the needs of corporate leaders with more specificity than ever.


This is the true story of a woman who prevailed against the most heinous accusations imaginable.

Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat and Beers

Richard Rawlings takes readers on an entertaining ride through his wild life and behind the scenes of his hit show.

This Is Your Captain Speaking

The remarkable life, career, and faith journey of the star of The Love Boat and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Rudy: My Story

Go behind the scenes to experience the heartache, triumph, and glory through Rudy’s own eyes, and learn details of the ten years it took to get his movie made.

Courage To Stand

Pawlenty opens up about his deepest beliefs and shares his vision for a better America.

My Life Outside The Ring

Hogan unabashly recounts formative events in his life —and how he emerged from the battle feeling stronger than ever before.

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